White Knight™ Septic System

NEWFAVICON24  The White Knight™ Microbial Inoculator/Generator

In nature, oxygen-using (aerobic) bacteria in the soil consume non-living organic material. This is the process nature uses to “recycle” wastes. We install the White Knight™ Microbial Inoculator/Generator in the septic tank to create an oxygen rich environment and cultivate an extensive colony of these same soil bacteria.



The result is nearly complete consumption of the organic materials entering the septic tank. At the same time, the bacteria are carried into the leach field where they consume the organic material that has accumulated in the underlying soil. The leach field regains and/or maintains is capacity to deliver effluent to the soil for purification.


NEWFAVICON24  System is Used To:

  • Protect leach fields from ever biologically failing
  • Improve the function of marginally operating leach fields
  • Restore the function of totally failed leach fields
  • Improve the quality of effluent returning to the soil and ground water
  • Reduce the amount of nitrate moving into the environment
  • reduce the size of a leach field required for new building construction
  • Expand the size of existing structures without expanding the leach field


NEWFAVICON24  The White Knight™ septic system advantage includes:

  • An installation costs thousands of dollars less than that of a replacement leach field
  • Minimal disruption to existing landscape
  • Protection of the environment
  • Significantly longer tank pumping interval
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • 100% component and limited lifetime performance warranty


NEWFAVICON24 Always Free Consultation

We design, install and maintain these systems and we always offer free consultation to see if your system qualifies for this technology. We consider all the parameters with regard to septic system design alternatives. The White Knight™ System is just one of many possible solutions and by calling us you will know all your possible options.


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